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蓓赛丽珂(Peserico)品牌诞生于1962年意大利Cornedo Vicentino 科那多蒂诺市,
由Mary Peserico玛丽peserico女士及其先生Giuseppe Peruffo朱塞佩鲁福peruffo一起创建并由Giuseppe
Peserico brand was born in 1962 in Cornedo Vicentino, Italy, founded by Madam Mary Peserico and
her husband, Mr. Giuseppe Peruffo who acted as the company's president for ages. The persistent focus on fabric quality,
unceasing exploration of tailoring knowledge and pursuit of excellence enable the Italian company
to grow and develop continuously. In a very short time has developed from a small workshop to
a global influence on the market of quality brands.
今天, 公司在Riccardo Peruffo先生这位经济学毕业高材生的领导之下,其产品逐渐扩展到时尚的各个领域-
Peserico rapidly grew to be synonymous with high-quality pants and dresses
particularly designed for elegant and refined women. The expansion of the brand is
accompanied by the development and innovation of technology; the culture of the company
connects the history and future of the company. Today, under the
leadership of Mr. Riccardo Peruffo, an outstanding graduate of economics,
the company's products have gradually expanded into all areas
of fashion – from women's total look to footwear and leather accessories,
all of which maintain the basic characteristics of the
brand: superior quality and exquisite design.


Peserico brand is mainly featured by its high-end products. The constant pursuit of details
makes many Peserico garments today contain a large number of hand-made elements. All
products are purely made in Italy, using the finest materials and even the smallest detail is
carefully and thoughtfully crafted to bring each Peserico piece an elegant appearance and
a comfortable fit.
今天在总部Cornedo Vicentino的工厂里活跃着百余名员工,为了使每件产品都能精
Today, there are more than 100 employees who continue their day in day out creative
work in the Cornedo Vicentino factory of Peserico. Exploring excellence and perfection,
Cornedo Vicentino factory maintains lots of characteristics of hand-made workshops. The
passion and dedication of employees are reflected in each piece of garment, endowing
every product its own uniqueness. Each Peserico piece passes the strictest quality testing
and incorporates the leading craftsmanship of Italian skilled workers.



Riccardo Peruffo先生, 蓓赛丽珂(Peserico)总裁与创意总监, 于1974年出生在Valdagno市, 这座城市在一个世纪以来都是
意大利的羊毛加工中心。其父亲Giuseppe Peruffo先生与母亲Maria Peserico女士共同创建了蓓赛丽珂(Peserico)品牌。从儿时Riccardo Peruffo先生就对服装世界开始学
习与了解,并在服装手工工坊中生活。 这个小工坊已在近年被改造成一个现代化的企业。
Riccardo Peruffo, CEO and Creative Director of the brand Peserico, was born in 1974 in Valdagno, a town next to Vicenza
known for its centuries-old wool manufacturing. Riccardo, son of Giuseppe Peruffo and Maria Peserico - founders of the Peserico Company - as a child learns about the world of
clothing, living personally and intensely the life of a tailoring lab that in those years becomes a modern and structured Company.
继承了家庭对“完美”的偏爱,注重品质,注重细节,完美主义已经成为了他的性格特点。在帕多瓦大学获得经济学学位后,加入公司,把单纯的亚博竞猜lol 8系列
Thanks to his family, Riccardo is trained to favor the "well done" job, that means to give a particular attention to quality and to details that, over time, becomes a peculiar
trait of his character. After graduating in Economics at the University of Padua, Riccardo joins the company and develops women’s collections to a real total look. Starting from
2000, under his leadership, the Peserico strengthens increasingly its presence abroad and at the same time, it opens the first flagship store in Italy.
Ricarro leads his Peserco to consolidate in the development of all those manufacturing processes to offer a real and complete Made in Italy. He gives also much importance to investments
oriented to the local know-how’s development. Riccardo firmly believes that the best investment ever is “rely on the inimitable Italian tradition”.



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